These tiny creatures are excellent at hiding in mattresses, bedding, furniture crevices and anywhere else they can find. And as they are usually active at night, you may not even see them. However, their bites can turn into itchy welts and appear on any part of your skin that they can reach.

Bed bug bites may be mistaken for mosquitoes, but bed bugs can leave dark rusty patches on your bedding which can be an indicator of their presence. Thoroughly cleaning bedding and mattresses can help in most cases, but calling a professional is advised if a more rigorous treatment is required.

Malpass Pest Solutions has experience dealing with bed bugs and we work with both domestic and commercial properties (such as hotels) throughout Staffordshire and surrounding areas. We can be called on for quick response to your bed bug and other pest control requirements, whether one-off or for regular contracts to ensure they do not return.

Have a bed bug problem? Need help?

If you think you have bed bugs and need help,  Malpass Pest Solutions are happy to advise.

Bed bug facts:

  • Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown, flattened, oval and wingless

  • Adults grow to 4-5mm in length and 1.3-3mm wide

  • Bedbugs are (bloodsucking) insects and most species feed on humans only when other prey is unavailable

  • Bedbugs are attracted to their hosts primarily by carbon dioxide, secondarily by warmth and also by certain chemicals