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Image by Ran Berkovich


Need a carpet beetle solution?

Carpet beetles feed on natural fibers such as wools, silks, fur and carpets rather than on humans, but that doesn’t mean they are any less of a problem in your home or business. This tiny nuisance can eat fabrics and be costly in terms of the replacement of these items.

Call Malpass Pest Solutions to identify and treat your home or commercial property to control and prevent carpet beetles from breeding, hatching, and infesting your property.

Not sure if you have carpet beetles?

If you are struggling with carpet beetles or moths in  Staffordshire, Malpass Pest Solutions can help.

Carpet Beetle facts:

  • Carpet beetles are fairly small, measuring 1.5 to 4mm in length

  • Their bodies are characterised by the pattern of yellow, black and white scales

  • Between 20 and 100 eggs are laid by the female during Spring and early Summer

  • The eggs hatch between 10 to 35 days depending on the temperature

  • The adult beetle lives from 7 to 41 days

  • Adults appear in April, May and June and their resulting larvae hibernate during the following Winter pupating during the later part of February and March

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