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Image by Nathan Dumlao


Pigeons leaving a mess on your property?

Malpass Pest Solutions are experts at removing and preventing the return of pigeons on your domestic or commercial property. Without intervention, your property, buildings and staff and visitors can be at risk.

It is not just the actual damage that these birds can do themselves, but their droppings can cause a trip hazard, especially when mixed with the wet climate here in the UK.


Protect your staff and visitors by asking us to control the pigeon problem on your property.

Do you have pigeon problems on your property?

Pigeon facts:

  • Pigeons can become a real nuisance especially if they are residing on or around your property

  • They are increasing in numbers especially in town centres where they have adapted to their artificial cliffs of buildings - these are called ferral pigeons

  • Pigeons rely on food scraps and will be found in droves near to cafes, restaurants and other food outlets in busy town centre

  • These birds also carry many diseases such as salmonella, tuberculosis and orthinosis

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