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Moth control - moth on a backlit window


Moths eating your fabrics?

Although most moths are seen as harmless, some are considered pests due to their affinity for the fabrics in our homes.

Whilst it is actually within their larval stage that they attack textiles, Malpass Pest Solutions are on hand to provide advice and services to help you keep your clothing and other items safe from these nuisance insects.

Have moths in your property? Need help?

Moth facts:

  • The two types of clothes moth are the case bearing clothes moth and the common clothes moth

  • Both species evolved in a bird or animal nest and only eat fibres such as wool, fur and feather

  • They are most likely to go for clothes and carpets within dark places where they are undisturbed

  • The average clothes moth has a wingspan of approximately ½ inch

  • Their eggs are oval and an ivory colour and the larvae is a shiny creamy white colour with a brown head

Moth on a backlit window
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