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Do you need help preventing rats?

Rats not only carry diseases that can be harmful to humans and pets, but can also chew through electrical cables, wood and other materials causing a safety risk for both commercial and domestic properties.

Malpass Pest Solutions are experienced in both rat control and prevention for all types of property and can provide ongoing services via contract for businesses in locations that are prone to rat infestation.

Need rats or vermin removed?

Rat facts:

  • The average adult rat can weigh between 12-16oz, with a body length of 6-8 inches

  • Rats have blunt noses with small ears and eyes, and coarse shaggy fur in a variety of colours

  • Their tails are shorter than the head and body combined and is quite scaly

  • Droppings are ¼ to ½ inch in length and are of a capsule shape, with blunt ends

  • unscented baby powder or flour, lightly sprinkled can help you determine tracks and their runaways as they cross suspected areas

  • Gnawing holes from rats are about 2 inches or more in diameter

  • These holes have rough edges and they prefer to gnaw on wood, but can also damage electrical wiring

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