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How Pest Management Gives Flour & Co. Bakehouse the Peace of Mind They Need

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Flour & Co. Bakehouse based in Eccleshall

Popular Eccleshall-based bakery, Flour & Co. Bakehouse utilised our expertise to give them the guidance they needed as a new business. As a result, the invaluable initial insights and ongoing pest control inspections mean Flour & Co. Bakehouse remains a low-risk business, and any potential pest issue is eliminated before it becomes a problem.

"Pat was so good at explaining what we needed and why. We really appreciated the advice and the insights he gave us as a brand-new business" - Ben Herbert, Owner, Flour & Co. Bakehouse

A Recipe for Success

After college, Ben Herbert, owner of Flour & Co. Bakehouse, worked as a chef and studied Advanced Professional Cookery in Birmingham. And following a move to London, where he worked for high-end, Michelin-starred restaurant Alyn Williams of Westbury and Wiltons Seafood Restaurant, just outside Piccadilly, he headed back home. Ben’s real passion for baking led to the opening of Flour & Co. Bakehouse on Eccleshall high street in early 2019, selling homemade pastries, cakes, bread, and sandwiches and serving delicious coffee. But opening their doors on the first day of lockdown was a gamble. Luckily, the risk paid off as foodies flooded the high street to collect their delicious bakes and four years later, the artisan bakery and café continues to go from strength to strength.

How our Pest Management Helps

Ben contacted us when he was planning the opening of Flour & Co. Bakehouse. As he partnered with us from the beginning of his business, we were able to advise him about what he needed to do to meet the requirements of environmental health. Following a full risk assessment, we explained what pest control management he should have in place, and suggested ways to reduce the bakery’s future risk.

Having held a commercial pest control contract with us for the past four years, Flour & Co. Bakehouse receive regular inspections where any potential pest problem is spotted and dealt with before it becomes an issue. We’re also always on hand to provide Flour & Co. with the advice they need, to take care of all seasonal pest control work and respond quickly in person if they ever have any pest concerns.

Cooking up Future Plans

Due to the artisan bakery’s success, Ben now plans to open an Italian restaurant on Eccleshall high street. And we’re incredibly pleased that Malpass Pest Solutions will also be managing the pest control of Ben's second business too. Due to open its doors in late July, Olive Italian is sure to be a popular evening hotspot. If you’re interested in booking a table, contact Ben at Flour & Co. Bakehouse.

"Malpass Pest Solutions gives us real peace of mind as a business, and they always come immediately whenever we need them. I’d absolutely recommend Pat to any other business" -Ben Herbert, Owner, Flour & Co. Bakehouse


Commercial Pest Control You Can Trust

As professional pest controllers, we can support your business and your brand's reputation. With our low-cost, no-tie in short- or long-term commercial pest control contracts, you’ll know your business is acting responsibly, and any potential pest issue is managed before it becomes a problem. Call Pat today on 07496 944410 to arrange your free business survey.


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